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Unfold Clients' Surfaces

There are many videos based on the surfaces from customers in YouTube for AutoCAD, Solidworks, Inventor, SolidEdge and Rhino. You can check the functionalities of SmartUnfold and Smart Sheet Metal Unfold.

Customer Success

“Since having the unfold software I have found it very useful as it seems more and more jobs we are doing at the moment have a theme where there are elliptical cut-outs or “pringle” shaped elements on them. Beside is the end result of the first use I had with the software which was sent straight to CNC and the boards flew up on site with no issues. ” – Matt Titterall, Binley Industrial Estates

This drawing is from Appalachian Stitching Company.

“[Smart Unfold] will be a good tool in my AutoCAD quiver. Thanks again!” – Sam Cushing, Product Development, Appalachian Stitching Company

The left sphere-like shape consists of many small triangle shapes. Each shape is double-curvature surface. Our client has used SmartUnfold in AutoCAD to unfold each shape. 

“This program is fantastic”

Steve Germain

Advent CAD, LLC