Flatten Sheet Metal Model for Rhinoceros


Smart Sheet Metal Unfold In Rhino is a powerful Rhino plug-in tool to convert any 3D sheet metal model into the 2D layout drawing. With this tool user can utilize the powerful model capability in Rhino to create any sheet metal model and then flatten the sheet metal model into 2D contour layout for the NC Machines.

It is free to try. However, if you don’t have the license, 3 unfolded curves will be removed in the final contour.

Flatten Sheet Metal Model For Rhino (v5, v6, v7) – $199

  1. Click on the link below to download the full version (the plugins for Rhino v5, v6, v7  are in the same installation file)
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  4. Once we receive a notification that you have completed your payment and machine codes, we will send you an unlock key.
  5. Enter unlock key according to user-manual instructions.

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