1.What is a trial license?

It is a temporary license for 10 days.

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2. What is a perpetual license?

It is the product license bound to your machine. Whether you reformat your hard disk, reinstall the operating system or install a different operating system, the license will still be valid for the computer. There is no time limitation. However, you can’t move this license to any other computer.

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3. Are there any functional limitations with a trial version?

No. There are no differences between the full version and the trial version.

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4. Is there any way I can test out the product?

There is the option of sending us three parts you want to unfold. We can show you the results on Youtube. The videos can be sent to you if you don’t want your parts to be seen. You won’t have to pay the trial license fee, but you will have to buy the full product afterwards.

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5. Is there a cost for an upgrade?

It is free to upgrade to a new version of our software. We fix any bugs found by clients. All customers who have bought the full version gets a free upgrade to the new version as soon as it becomes avaliable.

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6. Which versions of AutoCAD will work with our software

AutoCAD 2004 – the latest version. The new plugin for new releases of AutoCAD will become avaliable each time there is a update for AutoCAD

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7. Can I use more than one version of AutoCAD on my computer?

Yes. All plug-ins for AutoCAD use the same license in one computer. For future versions of AutoCAD, plugins will be updated for free if your machine has a valid license.

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8. Can I use a product on more than one computer?

No. The key issued to you will work on one computer only. For a new computer, you need to purchase another license.

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9. Can I share one license between my Laptop and my desk top computer?

No. Since keys will work on one computer only, you will need two licenses.

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10. How can I convert a test license to a full license?

 To attain a full license, you have to unregister the test software and uninstall it from your machine before downloading and installing the full version from

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11.Why doesn’t Solid3DTech provide the telephone support?

In the case that our software runs into any problems, we will need to examine the parts in order to verify and fix the problem, which is best done through email.

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12.Are there differences for the plug-ins running on the different CAD systems?

If you can unfold the surface in Solidworks, you will be able to unfold the same surfaces in Rhino, Inventor or SolidEdge.

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13. Does Solid3DTech software run on a virtual machine?

You can only run the full version on a virtual machine. You can’t run the trial version on a virtual machine.

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14. Can I buy more than one trial version for a single product?

You can only buy one single trial version for any single product.

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15. Why does Solid3DTech need 3 days to generate the license for me?

In most cases, you should be able to recieve the license in the same business day of purchase, not accounting for time differences.

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16. How can I request reference customers?

Please send us a email and we will gladly send you a list.

17.Will I lose my unfolded results when my trial version has expired?

No, all the results are saved in CAD native formats so you can always load the unfold results with your CAD software.

Please feel free to contact us for any other queries.